The Wood Worn Difference

Engineered from top to bottom to be the absolute best, Wood Worn wooden sunglasses stand out for their painstaking attention to detail and brilliantly elegant design. Each Wood Worn pair features:

best wooden sunglasses

Elegant Design

Wood Worn frames are thin, lightweight, and contoured to form a natural fit to your face. These will be the most comfortable glasses you've worn, not clunky furniture on your face, but more an extension of yourself.

premium hardwood sunglasses


Each pair of Wood Worn wooden sunglasses is made up of 5 crossgrain layers of hardwood. Think of it as little rebar layers laid one way and the next layer the opposite. This allows for maximum strength and flexibility in all directions. Wood Worn wooden frames are also bonded together and sealed making the wood stronger than it would normally be on it's own. 


most comfortable wood sunglasses

Comfort Fit

Our spring hinges are engineered to allow for greater travel in the wrong direction with less effort. The inward contour of the hinge allows the wooden temple to travel inward into that created "pocket", which allows the temples greater travel with less resistance. This means taking them off and on is effortless and there's no longer the need to worry about headaches caused by temple squeeze. This also allows Wood Worn glasses to comfortably fit a wider range of faces from small to large.


polarized wood sunglasses

Crystal Clear Vision 

All current Wood Worn sunglasses come with Polarized TAC Poly Carbonate lenses that are rated UV400. They offer superior visual and polarization clarity and will cut down on glare (reflective and atmospheric) to provide clearer visual acuity and less eyestrain. They are hard coated to resist scratching, are lightweight, and highly impact resistant. They block out 100% of all harmful UV rays (UVA & UVB) up to 400 nanometers.


lightweight wood sunglasses

Feather Light

Wood Worn sunglasses are on average over 30% lighter than metal or plastic frames of the same size. This means you can wear them longer with more comfort than traditional sunglasses.


wood sunglasses made of natural materials


Being made of a naturally renewable resource goes a long way in reducing our carbon footprint, and all Wood Worn wood is sourced from sustainable, responsible, and authorized plantations from all over the world. Our Environment is our top priority and we take great pride in making our glasses frames out of natural materials.