Our Story

Our Name

The name Wood Worn is actually more of a statement than name. We are all familiar with the terms wood working, wood turning, woodcarving, etc., but very seldom (if ever) was wood worn as a daily accessory. We want to change all that. So Wood Worn is a movement of taking something familiar and putting it to a different use than the norm. Wood is a very familiar material and sunglasses are even common place, but fuse them together and you create something truly unique. Our name is just that: Daily worn accessories that are as unique as their owners. 

Wood Worn

Our story began in 2014 in an apartment living room in Jacksonville, Florida. We've come a long way since then. From a sawdust covered coffee table Wood Worn was born. Now, after 2 years of R&D and finding a thousand ways we didn't want to do it, we finally found the one way we did. You see, we could have put out a product on day one, but we were uncompromising about one thing: We were going to offer our customers the very best product that we possibly could. The result has been a journey that has led us to the products we now have to offer. Some have called it "wearable art", but isn't that what all jewelry is? We wanted to take it a step further. What people don’t realize, because we live in a world of items that are mass-produced, is that these aren’t. Each pair is essentially a “one-off” because they are handmade, so owners receive an original each time. And because of the inherent properties of wood and the nature of handmade items, no two pairs are the same. Very rarely is there an opportunity for this level of ownership (especially at this price point). And we're not stopping there. We have plans and processes in the works for more original, new, and exciting products! So "Like" our Facebook Page and subscribe to our Newsletter to be a part of the next chapter in our story.